Clean Room

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What are cleanrooms for?

Cleanrooms are essential in the fields of life sciences, in pharmaceutical industry, in micro-electronics, lazer technology and – more and more important – in packaging food.


By September 2007 we have completed our clean room facilities. Now we offer training for correct cleanroom behaviour to both people who are new in this field of work and people who need to adapt to changing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and/or to new requirements. Initial trainings are offered as well as regular training for continuous improvement.

As the human being is the most dangerous source of contamination, creating awareness among trainees for the importance of appropriate clothing, specialised tools and the corresponding working techniques is of utmost importance to fulfil the relevant requirements in the different cleanroom classifications.

In our cleanroom trainees may practise their specific working behaviour, they are encouraged to make mistakes deliberately, on purpose: in order to visualise the potential effects and consequences of false behaviour and handling on their product.


Our cleanroom may also be booked for demonstration of new products or technologies under clean room conditions. Our facilities can be observed from outside and a seminar room on the first floor completes our offer.

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