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Mag. Herwig Reichl

As early as 1989 HÄMOSAN has been intensively involved in TSE research (Transmissible Spongiforme Encephalopathies) and has acquired a pioneer status in the field.

Herwig Reichl and his team offer this very specific expertise to international companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and to the human blood fractionation industry. The planning and validation of production processes regarding the risks of prion infections have become an important topic: TSE (eg. BSE in cattle, Scrapie in sheep, Creutzfeld-Jacob-Disease in human beings).

HÄMOSAFE services in more detail

  • Consulting and expert reports for process validation
  • Adaptation of existing processes to current regulatory requirements
  • Primary coaching including Research, Analysis, Recommendations, Optimisations
  • Scale-down and validation of scale-down
  • Spiking-Experiments for process validation (proof of TSE in vitro and in vivo) in co-operation with our partner VIRUSURE
  • Inactivation of TSE-agents in biological material

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